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Since 2011

We are the UK’s leading specialist, global sports presentation agency and are known for delivering tight, thrilling & memorable major events that integrate technical production, sportfocused content, creative & consistent fan programs and spectacular ceremonies that surprise and delight athletes, fans, sponsors & VIP’s.  Our venue teams navigate the rigid protocols of live sport with a smile, and build entertainment around the schedules of federations & their broadcast partners, so audiences in-stadium and engaged at home are brought closer - physically and emotionally - to the world class action they love.

From the design, planning & management of large scale pre- match shows to celebrating athletes, educating & entertaining  fans with killer content and precisely orchestrating multiple victory ceremonies, pageantry and artistic performance our work has social  content creation, innovation and entertainment at the heart of  every execution.

What’s more our events enhance fans’ experience and connection with your sport - whatever their culture, location, language, gender or age

getting bums off seats since 2011
We are the UK’s leading specialist, global sports presentation and fan engagement agency, and known for delivering consistent, thrilling, creative & memorable major events that serve fans, athletes, sponsors and broadcasters. Our teams navigate the rigid protocols of live sport with a smile, from technical design and installation, through to creating innovative and original entertainment programmes and ceremonies that fit with each sports’ rich traditions.
Separate The Experience
From The Performance.

Only athletes can control the competition outcome, we strive to make the event a great day or night out for fans, whatever the result.

You May Not Go, But
You’ll Want To Know.

Our work amplifies the event profile, prestige & social reach giving fans compelling reasons  to buy tickets, share their experience and engage with  the sport whenever they next  have the chance

Sweat The Technique.

The deeper understanding fans have of a sport and the players’ personalities, stories & abilities, the greater their connection. We use fun, original & expert sporting analysis, personal and topical content to educate and help strengthen these connections.

Whether you are a federation, rights owner, promoter, agency, venue or host city, depending on your event size, scale or ambitions choose from either a set menu of necessary services, or an à la carte choice of our expertise below.

Technical & Production Design Content Creation & Programming Multi-Venue Games planning & LOC Liaison  Venue HARDWARE & Build Broadcast / Stream Management Audio & Video production Sports Presentation & ceremonies Sponsor Activation  Fan zone build & run social Media Amplification New SPORT FormatS Creative & Strategy Talent & Artist Casting

Technical & Production Design

From a site visit, technical assessment and infrastructure audit, to an event/cluster specific indoor/outdoor technical overlay plan (including full A/V, staging, rigging,power, perimeter LED) we consider sport delivery, broadcast, crowd migration, FOP access, tenancy timing and more to specify hardware. While our original theatrical production scheme will provide shareable, iconic, memorable visual & audio impact in keeping with your event identity.

Content Creation & Programming

Welcoming new fans while honouring the traditions of die-hards, our integrated live shows use fan & athlete content, expert analysis, big screen visuals & dynamic graphics, soundscape & audio design, artistic performance, mass movement choreography along with interactive crowd activations.

Multi-Venue Games planning & LOC Liaison

Representing and overseeing Sports Presentation as a functional area (FA) within any major games LOC, we strategically and diplomatically integrate with ‘sister’ FA’s to guide technical, creative, staffing, TSR, ceremony, protocol and cultural elements to ensure a consistent fan experience across multiple venues, sports & disciplines.

Venue Hardware & Build

With an immaculate safety and delivery record, our technical capability extends from big screen supply, lighting hangs, perimeter LED, audio line array, staging, rigging and power installation to athlete entrances, venue dressing and the TV/Social studio & camera build. We work with tech specialists, venue management and all stakeholders to ensure tenancy sensitive schedules (in & out) are adhered to.

Broadcast / Stream Management

From basic, agile remote camera coverage with live digital distribution and measurable analytics, through to full-scale host broadcast HD OBs, we can assist in delivering live TV production for innovative, world-class programming across multiple terrestrial, OTT, PPV or FTA platforms – including handling live clip distribution campaigns and making exclusive non-rights held ‘shoulder’ content.

Audio & Video Production

Making your event look & sound fantastic, we source, edit and playlist appropriate stadium tracks, national anthems, stings, voiceovers and singalong crowd favourites, through to make visually branded athlete headshots, interactive fan games,projection map shows and synchronised live performances with screen content foran immersive fan experience.

Sports Presentation & Ceremonies

With extensive and intimate understanding of the rules, protocols and cultures of over 30 globally played sports our producers’ design, plan & manage large-scale pre-match shows, orchestrate multiple award ceremonies, pageantry and artistic performances, with a youthful eye on social content creation, innovation and entertainment. Whatever a sports fans’ culture, location, gender or age we speak their language.

Sponsor Activation

With a creative portfolio of proven activations that can be labelled with a sponsor’s name, or the capacity to create unique and memorable digital/live activations to fit a brand brief for maximum ROI and exposure, our work can extend seamlessly from transport hub, to stadium concourse, to hospitality and, naturally, the field of play.

Fan zone Build & Run

From intimate member events to full-sized festivals of sport, we build and operate fan experiences ‘outside the turnstiles’ where crowds can savour the anticipation before an event and celebrate & socialise afterwards. With roadshow-style production and content programming, pop-up sporting museums, star guests, bars,performers, themed-tents and live music we drive fan participation, brand activation,data collection and commercial value.

Social Media Amplification

Keeping you event relevant, we’ll get fans to double-tap approval through Insta-walls, TikToks, Snap filters, forum feeds, influencer campaigns and social-only activations. From sofa to stadium and back, the appetite for connectivity, conversation and content evolves. Let us help you leverage your following with shareable content that weaves social together with a live experience.

New Sport Format Creative & Strategy

As a promoter, rights holder or channel wanting to distil thrilling action in to a contemporary, bite sized product, we can help you articulate this evolution to new and existing fans, sponsors, content platforms and commercial partners. Having worked on short-format of rugby, cricket, football, badminton, netball, boxing, rowing,extreme canoeing and ten-pin bowling - we know instinctively what works and how to present it to live audiences without contaminating the essence of each sport.

Talent & Artist Casting

Sporting events need front-of-house, fan-facing presenters, MC’s, pro analysts and pundits to connect audiences to the action. Depending on the scale or gravitas of the event, live artistic performances also help set the tone and add drama to these sporting, social rituals. From a single ‘talking head’ to a halftime superstar DJ set –we’ve got you covered.

We’re fortunate to work with some of world sport’s best technical, organisational, production, creative, venue, commercial and strategic freelance specialists. Guiding them, our valued team grind every day, to make sure that your event is also world class.

Danny Allen

Heavily involved in technical production and content in the planning stages, is the point man on event days - liaising with broadcast, pyro, audio, visual & talent teams . With top level experience in Australia & the UK, he has a wide range of sports and ideas that help integrate into a live experience.

what clients, athletes and fans have said about us

“a natural & obvious choice” “Creative bunch” “players dropPED the balL your team never have”  “thanks for your patience, understanding & good humour” “they drink a lot of coffee” “made a complex technical operation look like a plug & play” “Old school standards, new gen ideas” “Sponsors & fans happy, A WIN-WIN”  “they dealt with it, so we didn’t need to”

9 years. 24 countries.
Millions of excited fans.
Proud to work regularly and repeatedly with an incredible bunch of event owners, teams and organisations – this is who they are, and what some of them have kindly said about us.
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